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Albumasar also lists the fixed stars to be used to calculate horoscopes of people and events. The handsome woodcuts functioned as learning aids; for instance, the zodiac signs are repeated to remark on combinations of signs and planets. In medieval Europe, whether in ms. A remarkably fresh witness to the fundamental importance of astrology in the culture of medieval and early modern Europe. Not in Osler or Duveen. Ebooks

A geometricall extraction, or a compendious collection of the chiefe and choyse problemes,. Small woodcut on title, floriated woodcut initials, grotesque head and tail-pieces, innumerable woodcut mathematical figures in text, Erwin Tomash label on pastedown. Light age yellowing, rare marginal thumb mark or mark. A very good copy, crisp on thick paper, in late C19th three quarter calf over marbled boards, spine with raised bands, tan morocco label gilt, joints a little worn. Rare second issue of the first edition of this didactic geometry, with the same typesetting as the edition, but without the ruled borders on the right and bottom edges of each page.

He is first noticed as a professional teacher of applied mathematics in London, where he advertised himself as teaching mathematics and the use of instruments in English, French, Latin, or Dutch. This work lists geometrical problems and their solution. They range from the simple bisection of a line to very complex geometrical situations that might arise in surveying. Mathematically, he is remembered for publishing the first tables of natural logarithms, New Logarithmes, in and Both were advertised as problem sets for mathematical instruction.

Roman letter. Some browning, a little heavier in places, fore-edge and lower outer corner of t-p. A good copy in early C18th French speckled calf, spine with gilt ruled raised bands, single gilt ruled in compartments richly gilt with large pomegranate tool at centres red morocco label gilt, a.

Rare first edition of this work issued after the meeting of the Spanish Council of Finance in March in an attempt by Phillip IV to regulate and control the exchange of currency across his empire. It is an official publication giving the set rates of exchange in the Spanish Netherlands for a vast number of foreign coins, all of which are illustrated.

Philip IV of Spain had, from the beginning of his reign, clear intentions to try to control the Spanish currency, which had become increasingly unstable during the reign of his father and grandfather, but in practice, inflation soared. With the Genoese debt now removed, Olivares hoped to turn to indigenous bankers for renewed funds. Spain imported vast amounts of goods yet exported little. Her balance of trade deficit was large and had to be made good by the bringing in of more bullion. The fact that bullion imports were shrinking greatly hampered Spain.

The fall in silver imports lead to the government minting copper coinage called vellon. This had a two-fold effect. First, it increased inflation. Secondly, it created a crisis in confidence.

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No-one valued the new coinage. Ironically, the copper to produce the vellon came from protestant Sweden, was purchased in Amsterdam and paid for with silver. In practice, the plan was a disaster. It also includes old coinage and as such provides an almost encyclopaedic overview of European coins at the beginning of the seventeenth century in Europe.

Such a practical work would have been used to death by money lenders and copies of this work in reasonable condition are hard to come by. Arabic letter, little Roman.

Intermittent age browning, varying degrees of foxing throughout, small paper flaw to lower outer corner of C , small oil stain to upper outer corner of E and a bit larger to outer margin of K and gathering R. A good copy in contemporary vellum, title inked to spine, outer and upper margin of lower cover chewed, few later red annotations to lower cover, spine cracked, ancient paper label at head.

A good copy of illustrious provenance of the first edition of this very important Arabic translation of the Catholic Catechism written in by the Jesuit Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino Among the most influential figures of the Counter-Reformation, and later canonised, Bellarmino taught theology at the Collegium Romanum.

As Inquisitor, he was involved in the trials of Giordano Bruno and Galileo. These familiar texts were also much used in teaching unfamiliar and exotic languages to those preparing for missions outside the Christian world. It was translated into 50 languages, including Congolese and Valachian, an activity boosted by the establishment in of the printing press of the Congregation of the Propaganda Fide, an institution which oversaw missionary activities.

Its press owned movable types for major languages written in non-Roman alphabets. Behind these efforts, which highlighted the importance of the local vernacular in missionary activity, was a solid scholarly base of Roman linguists interested in African, Middle Eastern and Oriental studies.

The translator of this edition, Giovanni Hesronita Yuhanna al-Hasruni, fl. This copy belonged to another major Arabist—Bartolomeo de Pectorano fl. In the s, he was one of the official papal researchers and translators—together with the polymath Jesuit Athanasius Kircher—of the Lead or Sacromonte Books, which had just reached Rome. Casteloes, Karen S Techniques and technologies for decontaminating chemically contaminated premise plumbing infrastructure.

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Castillo, Marcelo J Essays in international migration. Cavett, Lee A Using security risk analysis: Is the bring your own device policy becoming a liability risk within healthcare? Cedeno Agamez, Miguel Aging effects in automated face recognition. Cen, Lei A study of security issues of mobile apps in the android platform using machine learning approaches. Cervantes Botero, Victor Hernando An application of contextuality-by-default in a psychophysical double detection experiment. Chae, Junghoon Visual analytics of location-based social networks for decision support.

Chakrabarty, Ankush Supervised learning-based explicit nonlinear model predictive control and unknown input estimation in biomedical systems. Chamberlain, Kyle Purification and preparation of intrinsically disordered proteins for NMR spectroscopy.

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Chandler, Myles G Identifying predictors of university sales competition performace: A social-cognitive account. Chandrasegaran, Ramaswamy Senthil Kumaran Tools and methods to analyze multimodal data in collaborative design ideation. Chandrasekar, Rohith Development of coherent light sources at the nanoscale using optical metamaterials. Chan, Kai-Chi On the 3D point cloud for human-pose estimation. Chan, Kevin J The effects of scarring on face recognition. Chatzidakis, Stylianos Cosmic ray muons for spent nuclear fuel monitoring.

Chen, Binghe Least-squares finite element method for singularly perturbed problems and the Oseen problem. Chen, Chun-Liang Functional and structural characterization of the mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase and the isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase from Enterococcus faecalis. Chen, Ji Investigating and expanding the functionality of RNA catalysts: Studies of the hepatitis delta virus, the hammerhead, and the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-like ribozymes. Chen, Keru Physiological aspects of relative changes in nitrogen and plant density stress tolerances over a year period of US maize hybrid introductions.

Chen, Long Improvement of treatment for prostate cancer and involvement of Plk1. Chen, Peng-Chu Systemic risk in financial networks.

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Chen, Xi Impact of dietary modification on aflatoxicosis in poultry. Chen, Yafang Structural and functional studies of the papain-like protease 2 from mouse hepatitis virus. Chen, Yi Local polynomial chaos expansion method for high dimensional stochastic differential equations. Chen, Yi-hui Effects of age of learning, family, and social environment on attitude and proficiency in EFL among Taiwanese adults.

Chernouski, Libby C Rethinking reference: Towards a holistic approach to linguistic reference.

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Chisama, Benjamin Franklin Farmers' use of mobile phone technology for agricultural information services in Lilongwe District, Malawi. Chiu, Charles Yicheng The effects of chloride-based deicing chemicals on degradation of portland cement mortars with alkali reactive aggregate. Choi, Meena A flexible and versatile framework for statistical design and analysis of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments.

Choi, Mun S Pilot study of the effect of high-protein, renal-appropriate meals during hemodialysis on intradialytic hypotension in maintenance hemodialysis patients. Chojnacki, John T Dynamic triaxial compression experiments on borosilicate and soda-lime glass. Cho, Younghyun Development and evaluation of a watershed-scale hybrid hydrologic model. Chu, Jou-Mei Mechanical properties of transgenic silkworm silk at high rate impact. Chulis, Kimberly Data mining Twitter for cancer, diabetes, and asthma insights.

Clark, Christopher Lewis The investigation of carbon-fluorine bond activation by uranium and evaluation of a tris-oxazoline based tripodal ligand to support low-valent uranium centers. Clinkenbeard, Paige E Teen suicide and other destructive behaviors in contemporary young adult literature: The subjects, the literature, and what it means for educators.

Coley, Scott M On the consequences of skeptical theism. Collins, Scott J The impact of global environmental changes on an exotic invasive species, Slliaria petiolata garlic mustard. Conrad, Alicia E Effects of exposure to agricultural drainage ditch water on survivorship, distribution and abundance of riffle beetles Coleoptera: Elmidae in headwater streams of the Cedar Creek Watershed, Indiana. Cook, Amanda C Essays on health insurance.

Cook, Timothy Daniel Expanding M cyclam chemistry; cobalt acetylide complexes for charge delocalization, and functionalized nickel complexes for CO2 reduction. Corkran, Sydney Cooper Comparison of processing parameters in large and small scale beef processing plants and their impact on Escherichia coli prevalence. Corsten, Anthony Nicholas Evaluation of several pre-clinical tools for identifying characteristics associated with limb bone fracture in thoroughbred racehorses.

Coskun, Esra Language and attribution: Women and identity. Coulthard, Glen J A descriptive case study: Investigating the implementation of web based, automated grading and tutorial software in a freshman computer literacy course. Cox, Perry L Lightcraft Previzion in distance education. Crespo, Jonah Greenfield Asset allocation in frequency and in 3 spatial dimensions for electronic warfare application. Croft, Marcia M The role of African leafy vegetables in food security. Cruz, Lauren M The effects of light intensity and wavelength on in-water orientation of olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings Lepidochelys olivacea.

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Cui, Hongming A case study of barriers to Lean Six Sigma adoption in China's manufacturing industry, from entrepreneurial view point. Cui, Wei Design and application of peptide-based fluorescent biosensors for protein tyrosine kinases. Cui, Yan Interval analysis techniques for field mapping and geolocation.