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Other than the words used in the letter, other things to look out for are: Who signed the letter? The top manager or just one of the lower ranking colleagues? Maybe even the secretary?

Any potential issues when company provides Arbeitszeugnis in English : germany

Did they use a letter head or just normal printing paper? Was a company seal used?

What there consistency in the text format? Example 2: A project leader led a small team. And his reference does not mention a word about his leadership skills. Oh dear, that stands out!

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Just speaking German is not enough to qualify here. First of all, ask your employee representatives at the company Betriebsrat. Or someone from the union.

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One of them is definitely trained to read these references accurately and can give you tips on what to do if it is less positive than expected. Specifically because so much hype is made about the individual formulations in German references, you may also request changes.


Often, the HR department will comply with your request. In case of doubt, it is advisable to ask a lawyer for advice before accepting a reference that you believe is not good. Lawyers specialized in labour law will inform you knowledgeably if legal action is worthwhile.


Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. How do I get a German employer reference? What must normally be included in the employment report?


How do I read the reference code? What does the rating scale mean in terms of my work performance? What can I do if I am unsure about the assessment in my reference? I've changed my job in November and asked my old company for Arbeitszeugnis. It is a small software company where the primary language was English and it employs many foreigners. They sent me Arbeitszeugnis in English and based on the examples I found online its structure is quite similar to German Arbeitszeugnis.

I know that in German Arbeitszeugnis there are many nuances in which words are used and HR have some kind of "secret code" of conveying information between the lines. So it seems to be a big deal and there are probably many details that I am not aware of. But, in my case Arbeitszeugnis is not even in German.

Do you know if there may be any potential issues with such Arbeitszeugnis? Should I also ask for German version translation of Arbeitszeugnis? The text itself only contains positive things about me and my work.